Professional Learning Communities

My learning communities are such a large part of my day to day experiences as an educator, I don’t know where I would be without them. Within my school collaboration is something I am a part of regularly as the PYP coordinator, both with the leadership tam as well as with the grade levels I work with. Being an IB school we are also a part of the North China Network and get to meet often, sharing our successes and wonderings.

Most recently, social media has been the strongest learning community that I am a part of. Twitter especially, has transformed my teaching and made the world that much smaller, allowing me to connect with educators globally.


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  1. I agree…Twitter has been the most influential network for my learning & growth as an educator. We definitely wouldn’t be in the positions we’re in, in the school/city we’re in without the power of our Twitter network to connect us to inspiring educators & colleagues!

  2. Hi Megan!

    I have to agree that Twitter has been a huge piece of my professional learning since it’s full of such great ideas and valuable connections beyond my own school’s walls. Since beginning with Twitter (when I first took COETAIL) I have even had some of those virtual connections become in-person friends and colleagues. I am looking forward to seeing how your network evolves throughout your COETAIL journey.

  3. Hi Megan!

    I have heard of the wonderful things that Twitter can do, especially in the professional sense but since moving to China, I haven’t really bothered. I’ve used the excuse that it requires a vpn and is too much work but really it’s just my own laziness. I’m excited to learn what Twitter has to offer from you and the rest of our cohort!

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